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Printed Catalog of UttarPurv-2021 & NorthEast-2021
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Printed Catalog of UttarPurv-2021 & NorthEast-2021
Glimpses of UttarPurv-2021 & NorthEast-2021 Printed Catalog which are exclusively for our jury members & few libraries worldwide!
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Please note that “UttarPurv” is not a “club” registered with FIP effective 9th September 2021 anymore. It is an AvTvISO owned and financed initiative as an “Exclusive Photography Platform for North East India”.

The logo, the name “UttarPurv”, the domain ( and all other registrations/permits including and not limited to GST/Bank Account/Trade License is retained by AvTvISO.

All the members & the FIP Corporate Membership of the erstwhile “UttarPurv Photography Club” has transferred to a newly formed “Assam Photographic Arts” lead by @skboruah & @himadri_bhuyan.

Please also note, “AvTvISO/UttarPurv” & “Assam Photographic Arts” are two different entities now and do not have any mutual interest.

AvTvISO will be continue to be responsible for both the salons namely “Uttar Purv-2021 National & North East-2021 International” organized by the erstwhile “UttarPurv Photography Club” in 2021. AvTvISO may continue to run these two salons (UttarPurv & North East) in the future too.

The reason behind this separation is because running two photography clubs based out of two different regions was becoming technically challenging for us.

We hope you stay close to us as we keep looking forward to more amazing initiatives by UttarPurv & AvTvISO.
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