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A photo walk with my 5 year old
Move Close  
A photo walk with my 5 year old
Usually, my son follows me like my shadow. He loves the outdoors and usually accompanies me when I go on errands. But when I take my cameras out and put them in my bag, he knows not to ask if he can come along. Usually he asks where I am going, how far it is, who I am going with and what I am going to see... but stops from asking if he can go with me.

I sense his longing to join me, but that question only stays in his eyes.

Last night however, he asked, “Baba, can I come too?”
I was planning to leave early in the morning, less than an hour from the time I was going to bed. So I said, “if you wake up in time, then yes.” He asked me to pack his camera (my GoPro, which he has staked his claim on) and went to sleep. I was quite confident that he would not wake up. An hour later, I got dressed and was about to leave when my wide eyed son came running behind saying “I am ready”.

So he came along today... his first photo walk with me.

A moment to cherish
Move Close  
A moment to cherish
Usually a busy body… he thinks he is Optimus Prime from an imaginary planet called Cybermon! Always in action mode with absolutely no inclination towards studies & homework because he thinks he knows everything (I must admit that he got some of my genes!)

I like it when he sits on my chair with photo books from my library. A moment to cherish for me…

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